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JMY Law Group LLLC Firm Overview

JMY Law Group LLLC Overview

Firm History

In February 2018, a group of attorneys specializing in real estate and financial services and with a long history of practicing together established JMY Law Group LLLC, A Limited Liability Law Company.  The firm’s roots trace back to 1985 when Deborah Macer Chun, then a partner in the financial services practice group of one of Hawaii’s largest law firms, became a founding partner in the law firm that many remember as Oshima Chun Fong & Chung LLP.  It was at Oshima Chun that the more experienced attorneys at JMY Law Group LLLC first met and collaborated.  In 2004, Deb Chun, David Rair and Janel Yoshimoto moved forward and established Chun Rair & Yoshimoto LLP.  From these roots, JMY Law Group LLLC was founded.  Despite firm name changes, the core mission and values of this group of attorneys — who we are, how we approach client issues and offer solutions, and how we treat our clients and each other — have not changed. 

Our Mission and Values

At JMY Law Group LLLC, our attorneys and staff thrive on challenges, taking pride in finding practical solutions in a responsive and cost-effective manner for our clients.

In maintaining our reputation as “deal makers” we seek to not only identify issues but, more importantly, to propose solutions. 

We strive to provide our clients with comprehensive and practical advice, focusing not only on applicable laws, regulations and legal matters, but also work to understand how we can best serve our clients and to stay abreast of trends in our clients’ industries.

We treat our clients, colleagues and each other with respect, humility and a sense of humor.  We are fair, honest and dedicated, both in and out of the office.  We are accessible, approachable and responsive.

​We know that the core of our vitality is our team and strive to capitalize on the unique talents and experiences of each member of the firm. 

We are committed to our Honolulu community and enthusiastically engage in pro bono work, participate as speakers and committee members for programs sponsored by State and national bar associations, and dedicate our personal time to individual volunteer work.

We create our success through our relationships, collective experience and expertise.

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